B2B News Release or Press Release Optimization for the Web

Online news releases, traditionally referred to as “press releases”, should be an important part of any business-to-business  search optimization strategy. Distributing a news release has always been vital in spreading the word about your products or services. With such a high percentage of new leads now coming from the web – news releases are more important than ever.

Properly optimized news releases include targeted keywords in the title, body, anchor text in backlinks (inbound links to your web site), and “alt text” on optional JPEG images.

Use detailed keyword analysis to identify relevant search terms that your target audience is likely to use for a news search. As with any search engine optimization program – you can first run a test campaign with Google AdWords PPC (pay-per-click), analyze the impressions data (not just clicks), then write optimized news releases for the web using those keywords in the title, the first paragraph and sprinkled through out the body of the release.

Testing with PPC can be the fastest way to gauge demand for your key phrases and assure that you use the best words in optimizing your news release. Using the data to help optimize your news releases will provide the added benefit of saving money on your pay-per-click campaigns.

Use news release distribution services or web tools that allow you to track the number of times each news release is read, which search engines were used and what search terms were chosen to find your press release. Watch for the news release to show up in search engines and pay attention to the title and description. Google Alerts is a free tool you can use to monitor indexing of online press releases on Google or other search engines.

Alerts can be scheduled “as it happens”, once a day or once a week – and delivered by feed or directly to your email:

Example of Google Alert delivered to email:

Other good resources for optimizing news releases for the web:

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