Calculating Your Web Lead Value and ROI

ROI Calculating Your Lead Value

How Much is a Web Lead Worth and Why Should You Care Knowing how much a lead is worth to your company may not sound like something you should consider from an Internet marketing point of view, but it definitely is. Here’s why: It determines how much you’re willing to spend per click on paid […]

B2B News Release or Press Release Optimization for the Web


Online news releases, traditionally referred to as “press releases”, should be an important part of any business-to-business search optimization strategy.

What the Heck are AdWords?

What the Heck are AdWords?

Many of you are thinking: “Duh – who doesn’t know what AdWords are?” Well – not everyone knows all the latest Internet and marketing buzzwords. If “everyone” knows what AdWords are – why do I get so many blank stares when I try to explain that I manage AdWords and other online ad campaigns? Guess […]

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