Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 5

Google AdWords - Track ROI with Conversion Tracking

Want to know how many people downloading your app found it through your ads? – Conversion tracking can report that. Setting up conversion tracking (info and video) by Google @adwords 4 Unique Ways You Can Optimize Your AdWords Campaign After Implementing Call Tracking “What if I tell you that you’re actually losing out on roughly 50% […]

Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 4

Enhanced Campaigns: Using Upgraded Sitelinks [video]

Enhanced Campaigns: Using Upgraded Sitelinks – In this two-minute video, Josh walks you through the new options available with upgraded sitelinks extensions by Google @adwords – July 26, 2013 How To Create Click to Call Campaigns in Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Many businesses are struggling to get extra and cheaper leads. Generating phone calls is […]

B2B News Release or Press Release Optimization for the Web


Online news releases, traditionally referred to as “press releases”, should be an important part of any business-to-business search optimization strategy.