Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 1


  Increasing Your PPC Quality Score is Like Catching Fruit Flies  - “Adwords is like having your fruit fly trap compete against 10 other fruit fly traps.” by Christian N. via @unbounce See the full Impact of Unclicked Display and Video Ad Impressions using Google Analytics “Every customer journey is different — a customer may […]

Even in AdWords Dolphins Mean Miami


Each year during professional football season it might seem natural to notice references to the Miami Dolphins, even in a Google AdWords Help article titled “Will Google search rules affect my keyword choices?” Example D: dolphins -miami The user who enters this query is looking for search results featuring dolphins. The user also wants to […]

What the Heck are AdWords?

What the Heck are AdWords?

Many of you are thinking: “Duh – who doesn’t know what AdWords are?” Well – not everyone knows all the latest Internet and marketing buzzwords. If “everyone” knows what AdWords are – why do I get so many blank stares when I try to explain that I manage AdWords and other online ad campaigns? Guess […]