Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 5

Google AdWords - Track ROI with Conversion Tracking

Want to know how many people downloading your app found it through your ads?
- Conversion tracking can report that. Setting up conversion tracking (info and video)
by Google @adwords

4 Unique Ways You Can Optimize Your AdWords Campaign After Implementing Call Tracking
“What if I tell you that you’re actually losing out on roughly 50% of your conversion data right now? … I Will Never Work Without Call Tracking Again”
by Andrew Lolk, CMO and Co-Founder of White Shark Media via and iMediaConnection

Is Paid Social Media The New Paid SEO?
Brands have a new way to pay for external or offsite SEO, a path to influence rankings. It follows the search engines’ terms of service and can lead to the type of links Google says are among the most valuable. Google spokespersons even endorse the principle behind this new paid form of SEO… well, sort of.
by Tom Schmitz - Aug 15, 2013 via Search Engine Land

What newcomers to ppc need to know
Classic tips and PPC Insights from the Experts at Hanapin Marketing. These folks really know their stuff!
on the PPC Hero blog

Attract new customers with local ads on the Google Maps app
Over one billion people use Google Maps services every month. On the Google Maps app, these users are often searching for local businesses – from restaurants, to car dealerships, to dentists, and more… Get your ads discovered on the new Google Maps app. Set up location extensions and check your targeting settings…
by Google @adwords

Video Advertising Becomes Easier Thanks To Google
Google announced today that it has simplified the process for starting video advertising with AdWords with a new campaign creation flow. The new design, Google says, eliminates clutter, and focuses on the key components of the advertiser’s first video ad campaign.
by Chris Crum - August 12, 2013 via

5 Google Analytics Reports You Need to Succeed in PPC
Paid search and Google Analytics work hand in hand in so many ways.. This month’s series week is all about how you can make the most of Analytics in your account, whether that’s with content experiments, event tracking or custom reporting.
by Kayla Kurtz – August 12, 2013 via PPC Hero®

Increase PPC Conversions by Playing Matchmaker with Your Ads & Landing Pages
PPC marketing is like online dating: it’s all about making a match, baby! Online dating sites boast of their unique matching algorithms that pair lonely hearts with their perfect partner. Likewise, search engine algorithms assess how well your PPC marketing answers users’ needs. Your job as a savvy marketer…
by Theresa Baiocco of Conversion Max via unbounce