Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 3

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Why PPC Is The Best Media Channel
- As a corporate PPC leader, it’s your job to do what’s best for your company. In my opinion, that’s typically securing more budget for PPC and building enthusiasm for this amazing media channel. For many companies, PPC is going to be one of the best (if not the best) media channel. Of course…
by PPC Ian @ianlopuch

Customers Via Social Media Are Less Profitable Than Those From Search
If you run an e-commerce business, you should know that how a customer finds your site makes a difference in how much they spend with you…
by Joshua Sophy – July 11, 2013 In Retail Trends

AdProof PPC Ad Copy Testing Platform Aims To Speed Up Testing Through Crowdsourcing
Ad copy testing is one of the foundation blocks of PPC campaign optimization. Yet, as any PPC manager knows, it can be laborious, time-intensive, money-consuming, or take eons to get enough data to make a call and move onto the next test.
by Ginny Marvin via @sengineland - Jul 10, 2013

What the Colliding Worlds of Search & Display Mean for Marketers
Back in the early days of search engine marketing, creating an ad was simple. There was a headline, two description lines and a display URL, as shown in this sample search ad from 2007. Search ads have since grown in complexity, as site links, location extensions, social extensions and more have made their way into …
by Kenneth Hamner - July 2, 2013 via

Google Introduces Affinity Segments; A New Way for Brand Advertisers to Reach the Right Audience!
There are 80 unique lifestyle segments on the basis of Demographics and Interest Categories, which will let advertisers reach the ideal audience. Brands can reach target audience on the basis of their interest areas such as fashion, travel, green living etc.
by Navneet Kaushal (founder and CEO of Page Traffic) via Promote News

25 Ways PPC Has Changed In The Past Year
Including Account Structure, Settings, Analysis, Bidding, Conversions and Technology.
by Sam Owen via PPC Hero – Jun 17, 2013