Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 2

New Image Extensions Enable You to “Show” and “Tell” with Search Ads

New Image Extensions Enable You to “Show” and “Tell” with Search Ads
- “More than one in six searches on Google today provide results with visual content. Image extensions will show in some cases when we determine that a search is likely for visual content…”
by Awaneesh Verma, Product Manager, Ad Formats – June 05, 2013
Inside AdWords – Google’s official blog for news, information and tips on AdWords

Linking AdWords And Google Analytics Accounts Finally Gets Easier
“…the linking process has been cumbersome and not particularly intuitive. That is finally changing.”
by Ginny Marvin via @sengineland - Jun 26, 2013

Should You Use Microsites for AdWords Campaigns?
“So when creating pages for AdWords campaigns, should you design them under your main website or use mircrosites? Before making that decision, there are two things you need to determine.”
by Tim Ash on 21 June 2013 – SiteTuners – Conversion Rate Optimization

Google AdWords New Top Movers Report Aims To Automate “What’s Changed” Reporting
“…shows you which campaigns and ad groups had the largest changes in clicks and cost between two timeframes.”
by Ginny Marvin via @sengineland - Jun 24, 2013

Using The New Adwords Keyword Planner For Local SEO Keyword Research
“So what if Google tells me there are 12,100 searches for “Personal Injury Lawyer”? My client is in a local city and I want to know how many people in his city are searching for his services. The good news is that there is now an adequate solution to this problem we have long been plagued by.”
by Casey MerazThe Moz Blog - June 28th, 2013

21 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Landing Pages (And What To Do About It)
“…now that it’s getting more and more difficult to make money via AdWords and other PPC channels, boosting conversion rates on your landing pages is more important than ever. Hopefully, you can identify some of the mistakes you’re making so you can fix them.”
by Peep Laja – Markitekt via ConversionXL