Best PPC News and Tips – Vol. 1

Increasing Your PPC Quality Score is Like Catching Fruit Flies 

Increasing Your PPC Quality Score is Like Catching Fruit Flies
 - “Adwords is like having your fruit fly trap compete against 10 other fruit fly traps.”
by Christian N. via @unbounce

See the full Impact of Unclicked Display and Video Ad Impressions using Google Analytics
“Every customer journey is different — a customer may see your display or video ads, receive an email, and then click through…” - Inside AdWords
by Stefan F. Schnabl, Product Manager, Google Analytics

Balancing Budgets and Keywords
Looking for tips on balancing budgets while adding new keywords? Check out this article in the AdWords Community.
by Jon Gritton via @adwords

AdWords Advertisers Can Now Control Sitelink Details In Enhanced Campaigns
“Google has announced that advertisers will be able to control the copy in sitelink details.”
by Ginny Marvin via @sengineland

Bing Ads Intelligence Update: A More Streamlined Keyword Research and Analysis Experience
“We hope these additions and updates will make keyword research faster and easier, and help your advertisement attract more business as a result.”
by Manu Aery – MSFT – Program Manager, Bing Ads

Google Announces Display Network Impression Reporting
“If you’ve ever wondered about how display ads (and different ad types to boot) have concretely played a role in a conversion at the impression level, you’ll now know.”
by Sarah Peduzzi @LunaMetrics